WinTec Group Quality Assurance Program:

The WinTec Team’s litmus test for quality is total end-user service and/or product satisfaction. We commit to our product and service quality knowing that quality delivery is vital to the customer meeting organizational performance goal and mission requirements. Our earned reputation for quality has been earned over the last 25+ years resulting in high CPARS and with no negative contract actions. We are confident we will maintain this reputation and future success with disciplined execution, maintaining critical and consistent management and peer oversight in all that we provide.

WinTec is implementing our updated Quality Management System (QMS) which brings us to the ISO 9001-2015 and new AS 9100 certified and compliant standard. WinTec is in phase two of this effort and is expecting to be fully certified by mid-2017. WinTec’s QMS meets the rigorous requirements of the new international standard SAE ISO 9001-2015 along with the current and soon to be release new AS 9100. WinTec is working with the National Resources Center for Business (NRCB) to implement our new QMS processes and certification.

The key to our quality assurance (QA) program is to indoctrinate the entire staff assigned to a contract in the quality control of all its products and services. The WinTec Team tailors the key documentation and QMS processes associated with initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling, and close-out processes to meet SeaPort-e requirements. Our tailored QMS ensures services and deliverables are technically, scientifically, and professionally sound, as well as error-free. Our quality procedures apply to WinTec and all Team members. Staff members are responsible for their individual job performance and Task Leaders monitor the performance of their respective staffs. This process helps Wintec to ensure focus on systematically developing and communicating customer-focused mission, strategies and action plans, listening and responding to the customers’ needs and expectations, empowering employees to continuously improve and increase their satisfaction with their work processes and environment, and gathering and analyzing key performance indicators to improve organizational and process results. It addresses the design, development, production, and servicing of products and services, is integrated into our overall management approach, within the context of each unique PWS or SOW.