Austere Location Force Protection Kit


As operations in Afghanistan began to evolve to a Village Stability Operations (VSO) posture, the need to provide force protection to these forward warfighters became critical.  Combining mission understanding and our core competencies in technology development, integration, prototyping and production WinTec developed the Austere Location Force Protection Kit (ALFPK) in response to a Combat Mission Needs Statement.

WinTec was Lead System Integrator and identified COTs and GOTs systems, components and applications to build a flexible, tailorable force protection package.  WinTec conducted analysis of alternatives for the kit components: medium- and short-range cameras; ground surveillance radar; seismic, magnetic, passive IR, and break-wire unattended ground sensors (UGSs); and a singular command and control unit (CCU).  Our solution was built, tested and delivered to provide a forward operating base, in a semi-permissive environment, with security inside and outside the perimeter maintained from a central command center.