EDGE  -  A Mobile Operations System


WinTec conceived of a Mobile Operations System capability to provide robust command, control, communications, and situational awareness in a deployable, standalone, and self-sufficient system.  The solution now supports a range of missions such as:

  • Disaster Response
  • Event Management
  • Exercise Support
  • Test and Evaluation
  • Operations Support
  • Perimeter Protection
  • FOB Force Protection

WinTec designed, integrated, deployed and now maintains and operates a mobile capability to support these missions.  The EDGE has a robust communications architecture that uses  cellular networks ,internet infrastructure, satellite communications and multiple proprietary wave forms and systems to provide connectivity to both public and private networks .  Our system may rapidly establish connectivity then move bandwidth with terrestrial repeaters over long distances using organic equipment to provide adhoc wireless networks with huge foot prints.  The EDGE is deployed with a tailored team that may include Operations Specialists, Network Engineers, Software Engineers, Logisticians, and Unmanned Aviation Vehicle (UAV) Operators.  The deployed personnel establish an area of opeartion then configure and activate logistics, communications, and situational awareness tools to support the mission. The system may be easily configured with Android Tactical Assault Kit for situational awareness and function as the command center for all participants using that system.

edge 4 screens