Our team was founded by US Veterans who dedicated their early careers to executing mission sets that are comparable to those missions that our Country and Coalition partners must execute now.  Today, WinTec continues to deliver mission critical solutions.  Our employees enable our future generation of warriors with tool sets that will ensure our Nation's leadership and position of strength for years to come.  This is why we call ourselves “Arrowmakers” – like the Native American culture, we are seasoned warriors & civilians promoting the generations that follow. Every day, our employees provide WINning TEChnology – each of us, as an ARROWMAKER – to those executing SOF, IW & CT missions on behalf of US National Security interests.


THE ARROWMAKER" is an 18'X24" oil on canvas painting commissioned from Krystii Melaine in 2014 and hung at WinTec's Rattlesnake Point facility in March of 2015. It pictures a Comanche in the process of making arrows.

Melaine_Arrowmaker sketch 1

Melaine_Arrowmaker sketch 2 color wash

Krystii Melaine_The Arrowmaker_unfinished

Krystii Melaine_The Arrowmaker_finished